Valmont Body 24 hour


Anti-aging moisturizing body cream

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Valmont Body 24 hour


Anti-aging moisturizing body cream


Content: Jar 200 ml.


Rich and creamy, Body 24 Hour penetrates in an instant to provide intense hydration that lasts all day.

Soothes discomfort and tightness.




MOISTURIZES instantly and long term

NOURISHES the epidermis

REPAIRS the skin



The skin is incredibly soft, silky and satiny.

The skin on the body is supple and comfortable.


For who?

For all skin, and especially dry and dehydrated skin



K-MOIST: Extracted from the plant Imperata cylindrica that is highly rich in potassium. Potassium activates the water flow in the skin and increases the moisture level.

HP DNA: Helps maintain and stimulate the skin’s vital functions.

Soothing & moisturizing agent: A blend of polysaccharides that have an emollient and nurturing action on the skin.


Instructions for use

In the morning and at night after a shower, apply the lotion to dry skin. Rub the product in using effleurage movements.

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