Vision of Mineral Lights L'Unico Sole


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La Bella Donna Vision of Mineral Lights L’Unico Sole



Quads of compressed mineral bronzing colours to give your skin an après sun-kissed glow.

Naturale-created for those with a more fair complexion and may also be used as eyeshadows.

Bronze- utilizes both the skin’s naturally occurring tanning undertones of gold and red. Both colours options are a beaute makeup kit must-have.

  • Light-refracting qualities present a luminous glow
  • The quad of colours may be used not only as a bronzer, use any of the colours as eyeshadows or blush
  • Combine colours from each compact to create your personal colour
  • Naturale-gives a sun-kissed glow and for a more fair complexion
  • Bronze-utilizes both the skin’s naturally-occurring tanning undertones of gold and red


How to apply:

Using a Mineral Makeup Brush or Bronzer Brush position the brush at 12 o’clock then sweep the brush lightly to 3, 6, 9 and back to 12 o’clock positions, use a very light hand. Repeat the application counter clock wise for deeper bronzing. Don’t forget you can use the colours as eyeshadows.

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